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Viaton Ltd. was founded in 1998 and by now is one of the leaders on PET-bottle market in Ukraine. Our main kind of activity is 0.5 - 19.0 litre PET-bottle production. Since 2005 our company has begun to manufacture 129, 148, 500 and 680 gram PET-preforms.

Product quality

Our products are made of high quality polyethylene terephthalate. PET as raw material for bottle production has recently appeared on Ukrainian market. Nevertheless it has proved a worth alternative to polycarbonate having at the same time lower cost. In the late 80s the world market saw PET package for liquid products. However it has turned out to be as much popular for mineral water as glass bottles before and moreover now it can be used for the products that need pasteurization and also for aseptic bottling.

Advantages of PET-bottles

- they outperform polycarbonate in weight, durability and appearance;
- they are environmentally appropriate, hygienic, easy recyclable;
- they have a significant barrier performance (PET is a better barrier to gases);
- they are of strong mechanical durability and high clarity;
- the neck is more solid (no neck leakage) than that of polycarbonate;
- PET-bottles have an abrasion resistant surface, are breaking and cracking resistant, solid, temperature difference resistant, inactive, reduce transport and storage costs;
- they can be bottled with mineral and drinking water, carbonated and slightly gas-cut drinks, beer, vegetable oil, wine;
- PET imparts no odour or off taste;
- they meet all international standards and are suitable for all manual pumps, coolers, dispensers.

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